Leader Energy Services was started in January of 2016 with Management and operational personnel that have over 70 years of Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen service experience. Currently based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Leader Energy Services plans to expand to all areas of operations to service our customer’s needs.

We operate Coiled Tubing units that vary from 2 3/8 to 1” units. Fluid double pumps and Nitrogen services.

We strive to be “Out of the Box” solution providers. In a difficult market, our goal is to find ways for our customers to maintain or gain their production levels.

Our Coiled Tubing services include the following.

  • 2 3/8 Coiled Tubing units to 21,500’ single piece
  • 2” Coiled tubing units to 25,000’ single piece
  • 1 ¾ Coiled Tubing units to 20,000’ single piece
  • 1 ½ Coiled Tubing units to 23,000’ single piece
  • 1 ¼ Coiled Tubing units to 25,000’ single piece
  • 1” Coiled Tubing unit to 20,000’ single piece

Pumping Services include

  • 650 HHP Double pump units
  • Enclosed single pump units
  • 2000 SCF/MIN Nitrogen body load units
  • 540,000 SCF Nitrogen Transport units

Production string installation and Retraction capabilities

  • Spooling devices allowing up to 20,000’ 2 3/8 pipe
  • Spooling reel trailer for extraction and installation of production strings
  • Kill pumps
  • Windows for gas lift maintenance

Traditional Application services

  • Plug drilling
  • Cleanouts
  • Acidizing cased and open hole applications
  • Cement plug set and milling
  • Velocity string installation and retraction.
  • Fishing
  • Perforating
  • Memory logging
  • Plug setting and retrieval
  • Annular Fracturing
  • Nitrified well stimulation
  • Open hole acid stimulation
  • Customer’s needs. We strive to be “Out of the Box” suppliers.

Leader Energy Services Team

Brian Buenting, (405) 778-4857

Addee Nortier, (412) 860-7495

Leader Energy Services looks forward to suppling service needs to our customers

Leader Energy Services, LLC

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Oklahoma City, OK  73149

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Mark Otey,   Chief Executive Officer    405-343-1968