Job Board

The most important part of our operation is our team members. Our goal is to supply quality services to our customers, becoming a Leader in our business and supply our employees with a positive and rewarding work environment. Our success is through the people that is part of that team. 

Service Supervisor

  • Supervise all aspects of job preparation and execution.
  • Create required paperwork for customer and company needs
  • Promote and ensure that all safety procedures are followed
  • Direct personnel under your direction to complete tasks in a safe and timely manner

Lead Operator

  • Prepare and operate any equipment required to complete customers requested work
  • Maintain Coiled Tubing equipment for ready operation
  • Assist Service Supervisor in job execution
  • Train other employees job duties and responsibilities as needed.

Pump Operator

  • Prepare and operate pumping equipment
  • Maintain pumps and assist with Coiled Tubing unit as needed
  • Assist in maintenance of pumps
  • Train other employees job duties associated with pumping operations

Auxiliary Operators

  • Assist in rigging operations
  • Monitor water supplies and chemical counts
  • Relieve or assist pump operators
  • Transfer Nitrogen product to pumps

Maintenance Supervisor

  • Oversee maintenance on all equipment
  • Maintain equipment certifications as well as PM reports
  • Ensure all mechanics preform needed repairs and maintenance
  • Ensure a safe working area
  • Present R&M reports to the manager
  • Order all parts and fluids for equipment
  • Attend weekly meetings

Operations Supervisor

  • Gather or create all needed customer information for work required
  • Dispatch crews to customer’s location
  • Ensure safe operations both in the field and facility
  • Maintain records of work provided
  • Present monthly safety meetings
  • Visit customer’s jobsite to ensure safe and correct operations
  • Report job situations to manager