Corporate Governance Policy

As an independent power producer in Southeast Asia, we recognize the genuine opportunity we have to contribute to social stability, creating a prosperous future and to enhancing quality of life for the people in the markets we serve.  We vow not to lose sight of this as we pursue our goals.

All officers and directors of LEADER ENERGY bear absolute accountability to our shareholders, customers, partners and employees. We understand that our behavior directly reflects upon the company’s reputation and goodwill in the countries and communities where we have a presence and that it sets the example for our staff members at all levels. We are therefore committed to upholding common core values of ethics, integrity and continuous improvement in the things we do and the manner in which we conduct business.

LEADER ENERGY’s core values also include respect and dignity in the workplace for all staff, at all levels, at all times. We believe in empowering our people, recognizing their contributions and helping them to realize their full potential. At LEADER ENERGY, our people are our greatest asset.

To demonstrate our commitment to these principles, the Board of Directors of LEADER ENERGY has approved a Group Code of Conduct that provides clear rules and guidance for internal and external business behavior (including “whistle blowing” procedures) and makes clear the standards of ethics and compliance that all directors, officers and employees of LEADER ENERGY are bound to uphold. The Group Code of Conduct is distributed to all staff and continuous efforts are made to ensure that employees understand the Code’s meaning, function and importance in our daily conduct.

At LEADER ENERGY, we “Live Our Values” every day.