The Rooftop Solar PV System for the orphanage was successfully launched on 01 October 2022. The rooftop solar was co-sponsored by Leader Energy and ERS Energy to help reduce the electricity costs of the orphanage. Home to 34 children aged 8 – 19 years (all boys), Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Kuala Muda provides safe accommodations.

Leading up to this event, Leader Energy also sponsored a ping pong table and upgraded the football facilities with proper netting, lining and footballs to the orphanage.

That morning, the children were playing the telematch games organised by the staff from Leader Energy and HNG Capital before the launching ceremony began. The laughter and joy filled the air.

​​​​​​​After the telematch games, Mr Gan Boon Hean, Group CEO of Leader Energy was invited to officiate the launching ceremony of the rooftop solar PV system for the orphanage. Pn Zaharah Mohamed Khir, the dean of the orphanage expressed gratitude to Leader Energy and ERS Energy for their generous sponsorship during her speech. There was a prize-giving presentation to the children for the telematch games. The children then gathered on the stage and sang the song “Saya Anak Malaysia” (I am a Malaysian) at the end of the ceremony followed by a scrumptious lunch.

In line with Leader Energy’s green energy movement for a sustainable future and environment, the sponsorship of the rooftop solar PV system has helped the orphanage to save approximately RM523 in the month of August 2022 while it was still under the test run. The money saved can be put towards the expenses of the orphanage such as health costs, living expenses, school supplies, education and more.

This initiative is also to show the children in Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Kuala Muda that they are loved and not forgotten.

Rooftop Solar PV System Sponsorship Details

Installation capacity: 35.1kWp

Start date of installation: 25 April 2022

Completion date of installation: 28 July 2022

Start date of online operation on test-run: 2 August 2022

Completion date of installation and testing: 18 August 2022

Total electricity costs savings for Rumah Anak Yatim in August 2022: 25.98% (Approx. RM523)

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