Yesterday was World Water Day and we celebrated this significant day by taking action and raise awareness on the importance of protecting our oceans and waterways. On 21 March 2023, we collected a total of 68kg of waste during our beach clean up activity at Pasir Ris Park in Singapore.

To minimise wastage, we borrowed cleaning tools from CleanPod, an initiative started by the Public Hygiene Council in 2019 that allows public to borrow litter picking tools and equipment to conduct clean-up activities at beaches and parks. This helped us to conduct a more efficient and sustainable clean-up activity.

We’re proud to have contributed to the protection of our oceans and beaches, and we encourage everyone to take small steps to protect our planet, whether it’s by reducing nonbiodegradable waste or participating in local clean-up activities. Together, we can improve our habits in daily urban living towards sustainable practices and make a positive impact on our world!