A qualified underprivileged student from Hun Sen Pdao Chum High School in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia, received a spectacular scholarship award on January 16, 2023. Thanks to the kind support and contribution from Cambodian Transmission Limited (CTL), the student was given the chance to pursue a four-year course in Electrical Engineering at the esteemed National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC).

This scholarship award is a key step towards providing Cambodian students from low-income families access to higher education. The scholarship pays for academic costs, accommodation, a meal allowance, a transportation allowance, and the expense of electricity and water per year, for a total of USD 1190. By providing financial assistance, the student and their family will have less burden and more time to devote to their education and future.

The National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia is a leading institution in the country for technical education, and an Electrical Engineering degree from this institution will provide the student with a competitive edge in the job market. This scholarship award will not only benefit the student but also their community, as they will be able to contribute their knowledge and skills to the development of the country’s infrastructure.