Occupational Safety & Health

LEADER ENERGY is committed to ensuring that the health and occupational safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders is our highest priority. Hand-in-hand with this is our commitment to respect and protect the environment as we conduct our business, both for the benefit of people today and for future generations.

Our Objectives Include:

– Ensuring compliance with the relevant environmental and occupational safety and health laws, regulations and other requirements and striving to prevent environmental pollution and working towards zero accidents.

– Adhering to our commitment towards continual environmental and occupational safety and health performance.

– Raising and maintaining the environmental and occupational safety and health awareness of our employees and other interested parties through education and publicity.

– Taking prompt action to review the policy, including the objectives and targets based on environmental impact assessment and risk assessment findings.

– Constantly promote the minimization of waste, both internally and externally to reduce global warming effect.