Solar Power


Across Taiwan 

Project Donald will be undertaken by Vision I Solar Power Co., Ltd. (“VSPCL I”) and Vision II Solar Power Co., Ltd. (“VSPCL II”), indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of Leader GUH Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd with 54% equity interest. 10% of the shares in both VSPCL I and VSPCL II are in the midst of being transferred from Leader GUH Renewable Energy Co., Ltd to Zhao Feng Holding Co., Ltd., local developer for the Group’s projects in Taiwan, pursuant to the respective shareholders’ agreements and share subscription agreements entered into by these parties. The transfers are expected to complete in January 2023. Meanwhile, GUH Holdings Berhad will be holding 36% of the equity interest. The 17.4MWp small size rooftop solar project is under development with the expected COD in third quarter of 2023.

Plant Capacity
Ownership Structure
Ordinary Shares
Type of Power Plant
Solar Photo-voltaic
Main Equipment
Across Taiwan
Total Contracted Capacity
3rd quarter of 2023