The Board Sustainability Committee (SC) assumes responsibility for and on behalf of the Board in overseeing the successful implementation of Leader Energy’s sustainability strategy. On a quarterly basis, the SC conducts thorough reviews, assessments, reports, and provides relevant recommendations to the Board pertaining to various sustainability matters.

The Executive Management Committee (EMC), chaired by the Executive Deputy Chairman and consisting the Group CEO and key senior management, plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainability within our organisation. EMC meeting held monthly serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on sustainability performance and related matters. Through these dedicated sessions, we ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront of our strategic decision-making and that our actions align with our sustainability goals.

The Sustainability Working Committee (SWC), chaired by the Chief Sustainability Officer, had been established with the purpose of effectively managing and driving the implementation of our sustainability programs. This committee is entrusted with the responsibility of making informed recommendations to the Executive Management Committee, Sustainability Committee, and/or Board on all matters that necessitate management, board decision-making and approval in relating to sustainability. Through the SWC’s diligent efforts, we ensure that sustainability initiatives are effectively executed, and strategic decisions align with our commitment to sustainability across the Leader Energy Group.

To ensure seamless integration of sustainability throughout our organisation, we have designated Sustainability Champions for each business division and relevant corporate departments. These individuals play a vital role in fostering a sustainability culture within Leader Energy.