Combined Gross Installed Capacity as at 30 April 2023:

1155.4 MW*

Comprise of:
• 825.9 MW in operation
• 7.6 MW under construction
• 321.9 MW under early development stages
Transitioning from a fossil fuel base to renewable energy sources
Power assets and projects located in


Southeast Asian countries
and Taiwan.
With a greater aim of expanding our presence across the region

Power Assets &
Projects Portfolio Overview

Started with our first project in 1994 to build a diesel-fired power plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Since then, we have expanded our footprint to Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan. We have also embarked on our sustainability journey in 2018 in support of urgent global call to transition the energy system from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Going forward, in line with our climate goals, we will only be investing in renewable energy system.