On November 30th, 2022, Hun Sen Pdao Chum High School in Kampong Cham Province’s library was officially handed over to the school administration, led by the GCOO, Ronnie Khoo after months of preparation and contributions by Cambodian Transmission Limited (CTL).

Hun Sen Pdao Chum High School is located at Pdao Chum Lich Village, Pdao Chum Commune, Cheung Prey District, and is home to 953 students, including 504 females, studying from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The lack of resources and infrastructure, especially in rural areas, is a significant challenge for students to access quality education. Therefore, the establishment of a well-equipped library in this school is a significant milestone towards addressing this challenge.

CTL, as part of its CSR initiatives, donated 1404 books, two bookshelves, two book racks, a smart TV with two USB ports, a globe, a clock, and a company signboard to the school’s library. Additionally, CTL staff contributed to the setup of the library by installing the bookshelves, book racks, posters, smart TV, and Company Signboard, and preparing the books.

The newly established library is an essential resource for students to access information, broaden their knowledge, and enhance their learning experience. The library setup includes various genres of books, ranging from academic subjects to general knowledge and fiction. The smart TV with USB ports allows students to watch educational videos, and the globe and clock provide a visual representation of the world and time zones, respectively.

The handover ceremony was attended by school administrators, teachers, and students, who expressed their gratitude to CTL for their support in establishing the library. The students were excited to explore the new library, and the school administration expressed their commitment to maintaining and utilizing the library to benefit all students.