On 28 October 2022, for LYS Impact Day, our Group CEO Mr Gan Boon Hean and LYS Energy Singapore team participated in the Kayak “N” Klean programme, one of PAssionWave’s signature activities that combines water sports with environmental conservation through picking up litter along the coastline of Marina Reservoir on kayaks in pairs.

Prior to launching the kayaks, the trainers shared knowledge on current global pollution situation to raise our awareness and understanding in the importance of marine life and nature conservation and the negative impact on the environment and our future generations. Throughout the 3 hours programme, the team reconnected to nature and gained a better sense of ownership towards environmental sustainability, and did some physical workouts through paddling and lifting kayaks.

Even though Singapore is considered as one of the cleanest and greenest cities globally, the team were disheartened to find the amount of non-biodegradable trash being trapped along the coastline. Within just 1.5hour on the water, 23kg of trash was collected from Marina Reservoir coastline.